Marketing Campaign

Marketing strategies can make or break a brand. Each type of strategy targets a specific type of customer. As we all know, I love couture and I will be listing out the marketing strategies I intend to do for my brand.

Target Market:

My customer is a fashion forward woman. She doesn’t shy away from trying new styles. She loves to dress up and loves perfectly made garments that fit her well irrespective of her age. She reads all leading magazines, attends charity and fashion shows. Any woman who loves couture, fashion and fit will love this brand. Age is just a number when it comes to fashion.

My couture lady_Krupa

PC: Collage by me(Krupa Nagarajan), Images from Pinterest


PC: Pinterest

2. Advertising and Promotion Strategy


Scarcity Marketing:

This type of marketing can be done when there is difficulty in acquiring raw materials or high quality for a product.The brand might choose to give access only to a few customers. When Rolls-Royce released their chinese edition car, it sold quickly. This drove the price of the car even though the price of the car was higher than other cars.

Word of Mouth Marketing:

It is passing of information from one person to the other orally. When someone likes your line, they share it with their friends and family. This in turn will increase your sales.

Viral Marketing:

Cult Brand Marketers often find a way to keep their products on a consumer’s mind. Each time a product is released, the customer has to dream about the product released and share it with their friends and family, social networking sites etc. Getting your consumers talk about your brand is very important to grow a business.

Communicating to non-targets

“part of the value of owning a luxury good is the quality craftsmanship of the product, but another necessary part is the recognition by non-owners. This is why Aston Martin, although a very small brand, used product placement in the blockbuster James Bond movies – so that everyone in the streets could recognize one, thus endowing the driver with admiration” –

3. Sales Strategy

The first is way is followed by almost all the brands. Giving a customer a discount when they sign up for a news letter.

The second strategy is that the presumed price of your product should always be higher than the actual price. This can be achieved by branding.

The third way is to organize trunk shows where a lot of people within your target market are invited to have a look at the collection even before the public gets a chance to look at it.

Ready to wear collection can be made available at select high end store like Saks fifth avenue, Lord and Taylor etc.

4. Pricing Strategy

Since it’s a couture ready to wear line, I would like to start out with competitive prices similar to the brands available in stores like Sak’s fifth avenue, net-a porter, pret-a-porter etc.

5. Competition


PC: Pinterest
Designer: Oscar De la Renta

My brand would compete with brands like Oscar de la renta, Givenchy, Prada, Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Saint Laurent etc. I intend to compete with such brands by creating unique, one of a kind designs in swoon worth color combinations.



It’s all in the details!!

Hey, I hope you guys had a great week. It’s time for our next blog. This week I wanted to focus on the little details that makes a garment go from simple to couture. I love detailing in clothing. Adding weights to the hem, boning a garment for extra strength, inner structure of a traditional jacket and the list goes on and on. They never cease to amaze me. Here are few inspirations from Pinterest that inspire me.

Blouses with heavy embroidery and little roses. For all I know, this could be a simple green blouse with embroidery. What makes this blouse special is the ribbon roses on them.


PC: Pinterest

Designed by : Anjali Sharma Monisha Jaisingh

Patterned Blouse:

I love the color and pattern on them. The embroidered pattern makes it exquisite.



PC: Pinterest

Designed by: House of Blouse


Gowns with Ruffles:

The ruffles on just one shoulder makes it very special. It just blends the fabric and the floral design like a dream. The back could have had just a bow tie, but the ruffles add a great detail to the gown.



PC: Pinterest

Designed by: Ellie Saab Spring Summer 2011 Haute Couture

The next one just screams Haute Couture. The Fur, the color, the giant bow everything is oh so perfect!!


PC: Pinterest

Designed by: Dior Fall/ Winter 2007-2008

I would have never thought of mixing sequins with Blue feathers. But, this dress proves anything is possible.


PC: Pinterest

Designed by: Unknown

The below skirt has a variety of seam lines and makes the skirt look sophisticated.


PC: Pinterest

Designed by: Lagerfield

I just love the fabric and the detailing on the bodice. The color of the fabric on the wrong side of the fabric just steals the show. The wrap skirt would have looked really simple if not for the extra oomph/ flounce in the skirt.


PC: Pinterest

Designed by: Unknown

These are the few images from my Pinterest library. I wish I could share more. Looking forward to sharing more detailing in the future. 🙂



DIY Wednesday

Hey everyone,

It’s week 3 and it’s DIY Wednesday. I just love it when we make something for ourselves. It is always special when we build something from scratch. It gives you so much of happiness when you finally finish it. This is also one of the main reasons to why I quit my previous job. I worked as a Software Engineer for 2 years and did not like the idea of virtually doing something. I like hands on activities like sewing, pattern making, embroidery, glass painting etc. This is also one of the main reasons why I prefer sketching to using Illustrator. It is so much personal and it just sinks in as you draw with your hands. I also prefer noting things down in a notebook to setting a reminder on my smartphone.

As we all know, Gadgets may come and gadgets may go, but hands on experience always stays with you 😉

Here are 3 simple yet gorgeous DIYs

1.Fabric Flowers:

I love fabric flowers. Everytime I see one on a couture gown, I wonder how it is done. The below image showws how to make gorgeous fabric flowers.




2. DIY Embroidery:

If you know the basic embroidery stitches, you can create numerous designs like this. You could also take help of YouTube to learn basic stitches.

Flower emb




I just love how a little variation in your stitching technique can give a whole new flower.

3. DIY Tutu skirt:


PC: Pinterest

Making a Tutu skirt is very simple. You measure your waist length, multiply it by 2 and cut a rectangle piece of that width and the required length. Baste across the width of the fabric with a big stitch length and gather them by pulling the threads. You could attach a waist band to the skirt or attach it to bodice.

Below is a blog I follow every now and then. She has amazing DIY videos and tutorials.

In the below link she explains how to use a Gathering foor in your sewing machine to gather Tulle

4. Craftsy!

Craftsy is an amazing website for learning any craft with lifetime access to the courses you sign up for. They have online classes for a variety of crafts. This includes Baking, Cooking, Sewing, Quilting, Photography, Painting, Gardening, Embroidery etc. I love this platform and I have learnt so much from their sewing classes. The first class you sign up for is 19.99$. They have deals every now and then. I have nearly 18 classes from Craftsy and I just can’t get enough of it. I never took it seriously when one of my friends from the Fashion Design program suggested it. But, now there is no looking back.

I also found out an online course for wedding dresses and Corset making recently. I haven’t taken any class from them until now. But, I am planning to take one soon.

So, these are the few ideas I loved an I am sure you loved them as well. See you next Wednesday!! 🙂

Every Bride’s Dream!

Hey everyone!! I am back with a new post. If finding a perfect wedding gown is every bride’s dream, then Shyamal and Bhumika are the way to go. When someone says wedding, I hear planning. I realized the pain of planning a wedding when I did one myself. not that I didn’t enjoy planning my wedding. I loved every bit of it. But, it’s a lot of work. When I was done with my wedding, I swore to myself I would make this work as I did not want to plan another wedding. 😛 Just kidding. After that, whenever someone told me that they were getting married, I would worry how they were gonna plan everything. It was an exhausting process.

But, if there was one process I could do again and again it would be my wedding dress shopping. I still remember the feeling I had when I finally found out my dress at a store. Wedding dresses say more than what we actually think. When a bride wears a dress, it tells a lot about her style, fashion sense and her personality. Each bride has a preference and it’s very difficult to cater to a variety of brides, which is why I love Shyamal and Bhumika. Their designs are so elegant that each gown tells a story. Indian wedding are all about color and celebration.


PC: Pinterest

Shyamal and Bhumika are real life couples who work together to create magic across India. Bhumika studied fashion at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Ahmedabad, Shyamal studied at Central Saint Martins in London, later studying Italian design in Milan. Their designs are flowy and angelic inspite of the heavy embroidery that goeas all over the gown.


PC: Verve Magazine

The colors used by them vary from subtle to dark colors. They make any color work with their exquisite design and embroidery. The brand was launched in 2000. Their work is infused with artisan techniques, hand woven fabrics and subtle colors.


PC: Facebook, Shyamal & Bhumika


PC: Pinterest

While Bhumika designed her clothes right from her childhood, Shyamal was drawn towards architecture and Interiors. When Bhumika got her admission in NIFT, Ahmedabad they decided to stick together in it.

Their business was intially set up in a garage and they shared their office with Shyamal’s dad where Shyamal styled people and Bhumika designed the clothes. The power duo have caught so many bride’s attention that every single bride wants to wear their lehenga.


PC: Facebook, Shyamal & Bhumika

They also make groom’s dresses with embroidery and fine artisan work and make it look heavenly. They are also involved in the revival of various dying arts and crafts.


PC: Facebook, Shyamal & Bhumika

When two people with immense creativity come together, one would expect nothing less. They inspire me every single day with their unique designs. It makes me relate to their designs more because that’s where I come from and that’s where the love for couture comes from! 🙂


PC: Pinterest


For more pictures and inspiration, check their Instagram account below.

Official website:

5 Reasons to Love Haute Couture!

Hey Guys! I am Krupa Nagarajan. I worship Haute Couture houses like Christian Dior, Chanel, Ellie Saab, Ralph and Russo and this list goes on. The truth is, if someone says couture I am sold. I just love the intricate details on every single piece. The word Couture is synonymous to expensive, pricey and luxury. Hours and hours of hand work, embroidery,  beading, hand sewing make it worth every single penny. If you are not a couture fanatic, I am sure you will become one after reading this post.

Here are 5 reasons to love Haute Couture!

1.Feeling like a princess

Every single piece is a master piece by the house. The quality of the fabric is so good that you would feel like a princess. When you feel good, you look good!


Courtesy : Pinterest

Gown by Ellie Saab Spring/Summer 2015

2. It’s all in the details

It takes a minimum of 80 hours to make a garment. Everything about Haute Couture is time consuming. The whole process is time consuming because everything about it is time consuming. Fancy seam finishes, concealed zippers, expensive fabric, textile printing, amazing color combinations, embroidery, beading, ruffles, pleats, trains you name it, they have it.


Pic courtesy: Pinterest

Designer: Giambattistavalli Fall 2012


Pic Coutesy: Pinterest

Designer: Giambatissta Valli Spring 2013


Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Designer: Christian Dior, Le Petit Théâtre Dior 1945

3. Opulence that comes with it

It is a known fact that Haute Couture is expensive. But, people who wear it swear by the comfort it gives. People say that once you wear a couture dress, you will never go near something that’s not couture. Now, I have never tried a couture garment but if it is going to make me look and feel like a princess, I would wear it day and night, night and day provided I have the money to afford one 😉


Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Designer: Dior

4. Made to fit

There is a video on YouTube that tells everything about couture houses. It also shows how the people who wear it feel about couture dresses. Every single one of them said, it is so comfortable. The people who make the dress choose the most flattering design to suit your body type. We fellow designers have mad numerous clothes for ourselves. There is definitely a difference between the clothes we buy from a mass produced company and a custom dress. The clothes are customized as per the wearer’s requirements.

5. It’s a luxury

The luxury comes with the couture house you choose. Branding plays an important role in high-fashion business. Fashion houses use their brand name to sell products that are less expensive to common people. This includes makeup, fragrances, accessories etc. The reason most of us go ga-ga behind such lesser expensive couture products is for the luxury and name that’s associated with it. Many articles quote that this is one of the ways by which fashion houses make money.

Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Author: Unknown

I am sure you would have turned into a couture fanatic by now. A little luxury is all we need. See you guys in the next post!!